Laydeez do Comics Award 2019


We are delighted to announce the second Laydeez do Comics Award.

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The Laydeez do Comics Award is the first women-only prize for a graphic novel work in progress by a UK-based creator. This represents a recognition and celebration of the wealth of comics work currently being produced by female-identifying people based in the UK.

LDC’s interest has always been in the drama of the everyday and the autobiographical. Within that remit we are looking for original and innovative work in progress, that stretch definitions of the comics form as well as the subject matter. The Laydeez do Comics prize will be awarded to the  graphic novel work in progress that, in the opinion of the judges, shows the most potential.



Natalie d’Arbeloff
Lilith Ai
Camille Aubry
Niki Banados
Alice Clarke
Maria Fowler
Jennifer Gloster
Caroline Grebbell
Sophia Luu 
Amelie Persson
Edith Pritchett
Irina Richards
Teresa Robertson
Jeeti Singh
Zara Slattery
Myfanwy Tristram
Anja Uhren
Congratulations Everyone!



First Prize: £2,000
Five shortlisted entries:  £200 each

The Rosalind B. Penfold Prize for “finding your voice over the age of fifty”
will  be presented as one of the shortlisted prizes
Rosalind B. Penfold was aged 59 when her first graphic novel, Dragonslippers: this is what an abusive relationship looks like, was published by Penguin (Canada) in 2004. It was subsequently translated into nine languages, becoming an important resource worldwide. Discussing the genre of graphic memoir in The Guardian in 2012, Bryan and Mary Talbot wrote: “Dragonslippers is a visceral account of domestic violence … It’s hard to think of a more effective medium for communicating this kind of painful experience. Anyone who’s concerned about the prevention of violence against women should read it.” The Penfold Prize recognizes that many women come late to the table with a lifetime of important domestic experiences worth documenting. This is to encourage and reward their voices.



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Deadline for digital entry:
16 January 2019

Deadlines for printed zines:
20 January 2019

Longlist announced:
7 February 2019

Shortlist announced:
25 February 2019

Final winner announced:
31 March 2019

All shortlisted entries will also receive a one-to-one free Laydeez Review session  including a critique of their work, as well as professional advice from an acclaimed graphic novelist.


The judging panel for the LDC award is made up of four invited judges, with one vote per judge. The judges have been carefully selected to represent a range of interests and varying knowledge of the graphic novel form.


Olivia Ahmad is Curator at the House of Illustration. In 2016, Oliva co-curated the critically acclaimed exhibition, “Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics”, the UK’s largest ever display of the work of pioneering female comics artists.



Steven Appleby is an absurdist cartoonist, illustrator and artist. Publications include, Normal Sex, (1994), Men: The Truth, (1995), Jim: The Nine Lives of a Dysfunctional Cat (2003), ABC of Childhood (2005), The Captain Star Omnibus ( 2008), The Coffee Table Book Of Doom (2011) and Guide to Life (2013).


Philippa Perry is a  psychotherapist and the author of the graphic novel, Couch Fiction (2010), a graphic tale of psychotherapy,  How to Stay Sane (2012), and her forthcoming publication, The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did (2019).


We do not ask for a fee to submit entries to the awards. Instead we invite you to consider donating £5, £10 or £20 towards the prize money and we thank you for your generosity.

All entries must be submitted as both a digital AND a printed version (zine).

Please complete this application form.

You will need to collate and upload your images as a single PDF onto dropbox or some other sharing platform. You will need to label your file with your surname, and then include the link to this folder on the application form.

Please read the zine guidelines here

The digital version is for judges. 

The printed version will be exhibition purposes during the Laydeez Festival in London.

laydeez day lounge 2018 awards ceremony


If your question is still unanswered, please email

What do you mean by “woman”?
We welcome entries from people who self-identify as female, including trans and non-binary people.

I have a publishing contract for my work, but it hasn’t been published yet, can I enter?
No, sorry.

Can I enter if I am a student?
Yes, the competition is open to everyone who identifies as female and is based in the UK.

I do not consider myself British, but I live in the UK, can I enter?
Yes, if your main place of residence is the UK, you are eligible to enter.

I have a short story comic, can I enter?
No, sorry. The competition is looking for opening extracts from long form works that are in progress and show promise for development. By “long form” we mean the final work is expected to be in book form in excess of 200 pages.

I have not finished my graphic novel, can I enter?
We are inviting submission of the first 12 pages of a longer work. We ask that you include a short written synopsis of the overall narrative. We do not expect you to have completed the whole work, the prize money is intended to go towards supporting this activity. However, we do expect you to have the idea fully formed. We are looking for work that shows potential and will have an audience.

I have written the script for a graphic novel but have not found an artist, can I enter?
No, sorry. We will not accept written scripts and we will not consider collaborative works. We will only be considering works produced by one person.

I applied last year to the 2018 award can I re-apply this year?

Yes, you can.

I applied last year to the 2018 award, can I re-submit the same work?

No, you can only re-apply to the award with the same work if it has been developed in some new ways. An identical entry will not be acceptable.

2 thoughts on “Laydeez do Comics Award 2019

  1. Can I participate with more than one entry?

  2. Hello. One entry only should be submitted. The award is for a long-form work in progress. If you are working on two at the same time, we would encourage you to submit the one that most suits the LDC remit, (autobiographical and the everyday) although this is not a requirement for entry. Good luck! x

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