Laydeez do Comics is like a combination between a book club
and a series of TED talks
(Julie Davis Art Animal, a women’s art magazine, 2013)

Laydeez Do Comics is a women-led but not women-only unincorporated voluntary organisation championing the works of female-identifying graphic novelists. The aims are to disseminate ideas and discussion around comics and graphic novel works with an autobiographical or domestic focus and to use innovative models to provide  platforms for testing new works and ideas within a social context.

Launched in July 2009 by artists Nicola Streeten and Sarah Lightman, LDC is the first women led graphic novel forum in the UK. Artists, academics, publishers and fans from around the world are invited to speak at the regular monthly meetings.  These offer a platform for emerging artists to present their work alongside more established practitioners. The evenings offer an inspiring experience in a social atmosphere for both those new to comics and those already immersed. Please visit the Blog page from this website to enjoy the rich and varied documentation of our meetings provided by our guest bloggers at events.

In 2018 the launch of the first women-only prize for graphic novels in progress at the one day Laydeez Day festival marks the development of LDC activity, where we piloted professional development activity within a supportive framework conducive to constructive networking. 

Visit our news pages from the NEWS link on this site to see designated pages for our LDC branches, national and international. And if you would like to start a chapter in your area, please get in touch info@laydeezdocomics.com  


The steering is UK based, and we operate as an unincorporated voluntary organisation with six committee members who are: Charlotte Bailey, Rachael Ball, Wallis Eates, Louise Crosby, Sarah Lightman and Nicola Streeten. We have satellite branches around the globe. For more information about us head to our LDC PEOPLE page.
We have gratefully received support for the activity around our first LAYDEEZ DAY FESTIVAL from Arts Council England. We raised the funding for the prize from crowdfunding. Our monthly events are entirely unfunded. Neither speakers nor LDC organisers receive payment. Any monies collected on the evenings is to fund rental of the venues or the ingredients for refreshments where provided. We thank everyone participating in our activity in whatever capacity for your continuing support.


We circulate a monthly newsletter. If you would like to subscribe please complete the subscribe form on the home page or contact page and you will be added to our mailing list. We will not use your details for anything other than to send you our newsletters. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

If you have items for us to include in our newsletter, please complete the form on the NEWS page on this site

 The international branches have designated sites where they host their own blog documentation.

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