Laydeez do Comics London, 18th January 2016


What a great meeting for the chance to be the LDC blogger – a Broken Frontier Special – woo hoo!

My name is Bryony Attenburrow and I’m and illustrator and comics artist.  You can take a peek at my work at: or follow me on

(Btw I think the pressure of writing the blog got to me on the evening and some kneejerk school girl reaction kicked in and I sat scribbling down notes as though I was going to be given a grade on my ability to answer questions on the evening (I did manage to take some photos though.))

So this is more text focused than I’d imagined for but I’m really happy with the results and found it a fun challenge to recreate the dynamism of the speakers and bring their words to life.

You can find out all about the wonderful work of Broken Frontier and Andy Oliver at:

Rozi Hathway’s beautiful work can be seen on her website or her twitter account:

Danny Noble’s world of fantastic characters is to be found via the following links:

Hope you like reading it and thanks to Andy Oliver, Rozi Hathaway and Danny Noble for a wonderful evening!


Andy page 1 - web.jpg

Andy page 2 - web.jpg

Rozi page 1 - web.jpg

Rozi page 2 - web.jpg

Danny page 1 - web.jpg

Danny page 2 - web.jpg

Well said Danny! x


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