LDC Birmingham August 2015

Laydeez Do Comics 3_8_2015_Alex Birch Talk, Hunt Emerson and Selina Locke Front Row,Laura Howell Back Row

Alex Birch talking about her Wild About Comics event

Laydeez Do Comics 3_8_2015_Assorted Books

The Girly Comic edited by our guest speaker Selina Locke, also Hunt Emerson’s comic book Calculus Cat

Laydeez Do Comics 3_8_2015_Hunt Emerson BW Photo, with Certified Hunt Emerson Book imposed

Guest Speaker Hunt Emerson

Laydeez Do Comics 3_8_2015_Selina Locke Photo 1

Selina Locke giving a talk on Factor Fiction, The Girly Comic & organising Caption: Small Press Comic Con

Laydeez Do Comics 3_8_2015_Steve Tanner, Dr Charlotta Salmi, Paul H Birch, lady, Alex Birch

(left to right) Steve Tanner- co-ordinator of Birmingham Comics Festival, Guest Speaker Dr. Charlotta Salmi, Paul Birch – co-ordinator of BCF, Florence Okoye co-ordinator of MancsterCon & Afrofutures_UK and Alex Birch – co-ordinator of Wild About Comics

Photos taken by our guest blogger Martin Tierney – check out his twitter & facebook page Art of Illusion


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