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Will Brooker  
writer and academic, Professor of film and cultural studies, Kingston University,

co-creator of My so called secret identity

Chris Geary comics artist, illustrator and designer

Elena Vitagliano and Asia Alfasi comics artists talking about their collaborative project

Laydeez do Comics Leeds, November 17th by James Norris

I am James Norris, I am an artist and there is some information about me at the end of the post. I was invited to blog for the Laydeez do Comics Leeds meeting on Monday 17th November that boasted talks by Rikke Hollænder, Miss Heather and Lizzie Boyle. Each of these talks were delightful in their own way, starting with Rikke  who gave a funny insight into the making of her new graphic novel Travels With Albert. She remarked that her brother had had the idea and she got the work load. Interestingly she is currently undertaking a forestry degree.


Lizzie Boyle then discussed her new compilation graphic novel CROSS which she described as a politicized novel but ‘in a British way’. She divulged her passions for helping young artists make their work as she believes, as do I, that graphic novels (I would just say art) can change the world. She also led an interesting thought to questioning the gender qualities of content. Like many, she has recognised the poor writing of female characters in works of fiction, with the idea of a “strong female character” being a personal bugbear of hers. This reminds me of the Bechdel scale, a term coined by Alison Bechdel.


Finally Miss Heather gave a heart-warmingly shrewd talk on comics for young females. She marked that she, as a child and indeed now, would like to see a person in a graphic novel that represented her. She amusingly remarked that most commercial magazines for girls seem to simply make something pink then tape a lip-gloss to it – well done, now it’s for girls. Miss Heather called for more work for girls, girls that look like her and talk about things that she is interested in! Her talk complimenting Lizzie’s towards a more empowered female impression on the graphic novel industry which I support wholeheartedly.

Miss Heather

Whilst brief, I hope you can enjoy this write up on my experience (of my second Laydeez meeting) which was as dynamic and exciting as their clothes were colourful!

Written By James Norris.

James Norris is currently working through his first graphic novel ‘A Mother’s Trace’ that uses his childhood experiences and the suicide of his mother. It is an autobiographic graphic novel that aims to unpick a devastating mess and attempt to understand such an all encompassing void that suicide leaves behind, underpinned (hopefully) with humour and an academic outlook.

If you would like to see the first chapter (part one and two) of his book ‘A Mother’s Trace’ then please see his tumblr account here:

Alternatively you may wish to read an article written about James and his new book here:

If you have any questions or comments to pass onto James please feel free to message him on the tumblr account or his twitter account @amotherstrace


Laydeez do Comics London November 2014

Hi, my name is Olga Hendel and I am the guest blogger for the November meeting of London’s Laydeez Do Comics. I work with an art collective called Negative Space and am attending my third year at Camberwell College of Art, BA Drawing. You can find some of my work here;

I decided to create a comic strip to illustrate the presentations of the amazing artists that showed their work at the event – Jill Gibbon, Liz Greenfield and Brian Sanders. Firstly, because I’ve always wanted to make a comic strip as for now I am just a drawer. Secondly, because even though I don’t really see myself as being a good writer, I saw this as a great opportunity to experiment with new ways of telling stories.

Before the presentation, Nicola and Sarah usually ask the audience a question to give everybody the opportunity to introduce themselves. This time, Nicola wasn’t there as she had family commitments to attend to, so Sarah presented the event one her own, and asked everybody to “Talk about something you have missed in life because of a family issue”.

After we heard interesting answers all around, Jill Gibbon was the first to take the microphone: Jill Gibbon send

Then it was Liz Greenfield:Liz Greenfield send

Brian Sanders was the last guest speaker. In the illustrations I made him narrate his own story, so you can feel the same way I felt when was listening the presentation; as if we were all children hearing a beautiful bedtime story to smile and dream about.

Brian Sanders


Blog post created by Olga Hendel Illustrator
Jill Gibbon Artist
Liz Greenfield Writer and cartoonist
Brian Sanders Artist and Illustrator