Laydeez do Comics is like a combination between a book club and a series of TED talks
Julie Davis Art Animal, a women’s art magazine, 2013

Laydeez do Comics is a unique graphic novel forum with a focus on comic works based on life narrative, the drama of the domestic and the everyday.

Launched in July 2009 by artists Nicola Streeten and Sarah Lightman, it is the first women led graphic novel forum in the UK. Artists, academics, publishers and fans from around the world are invited to speak. It is a platform for people to test new works and ideas, where emerging artists present their work alongside more established practitioners. The evenings offer an inspiring experience in a social atmosphere for both those new to comics and those already immersed. Laydeez do Comics now has branches in Glasgow,  Bristol, Leeds, Dublin, San Francisco and Chicago.  Pop up events have also taken place in New York, Toronto, Glasgow and Brighton.

Please visit the Upcoming page for details of venues, dates, times and guests at the branches. Please visit the Blog page to enjoy the rich and varied documentation of our UK meetings provided by our guest bloggers at each event. The international branches have designated sites where they host their own blog documentation.

San Francisco

We send out a monthly email newsletter with details of Laydeez do comics forthcoming meetings and also recommendations of events and opportunities. To be added to our mailing list email info@laydeezdocomics.com and put “add to mailing list” in the subject line.


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  1. Sarah (Lightman) kindly asked me to post links to the books I’ve made online – more important is to share the details of a (very helpful) online publishing company that I’ve used. Epubli (based in Berlin- with English speaking customer service and help / support )


    Epubli give you an ISBN number and charge nothing to upload a book (pdf files) on to their site – they then formulate it into a viewable / active item – with options for customer preview pages (a bit slow to load) and details of author info etc etc- the put links to the book onto search engines (if you want) and they are currently talking to Amazon about marketing through them too.
    The printing quality is good – (and delivery is within 10 days of order) cost per printed book obviously depends on page numbers, whether it’s hard cover or paper back-& colour or black and white. I’m not clever at online navigation – but I managed with Epubli better than other places I’d tried (no I’m not working for them !! – just passing on the info- oh and here are links to my two efforts so far- Its a learning through doing thing for me).
    Lily the Cowboy is 104 pages full colour paperback at £17.99 (maybe rather expensive…)
    L & The Bell Gang is 108 pages full colour paperback at £17.99 (don’t know why it’s the same as 104 pages)

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